Shipment Cost

All International shipments are not possible due to COVID19!

Zone 1 (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Poland) - Shipment Cost:

68 DKK Kr. (approx. 9€)

Orders above 1299 DKK Kr. (approx. 174€) - Free

Zone 2  (Finland) - Shipment Cost:

98 DKK Kr. (approx. 13 €)

Orders above 1299 DKK Kr. (approx. 174€) - Free

Zone 3 (Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Austria) - Shipment Cost: 

160 DKK Kr. (approx. 21€)

Orders above 1299 DKK Kr. (approx. 174€) - Free

If your country is not mentioned in above zone list please feel free to contact us on email and we will get back to you with the shipment cost.

Local charges may occur (local taxes, import charge, custom duty etc.). These charges are on customer's own expense and My Mini Label can not be hold responsible for these. If you have any doubt please contact your local custom office before ordering.

Our terms of conditions are automatically accepted when you make your purchase so please read them before ordering